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Monday, August 6, 2012

Realities after school
          During the first few months after graduation, certain realities do hit a couple of young graduates like a thunderbolt.
         Many suddenly realize that they’ll not see some of their classmates anymore;
         There will be no more pocket money from parents, uncles and siblings.
         Finding themselves in the real world outside the 4 walls of the university environment, some get a little overwhelmed with situations that they exclaim that life is not fair.
         A couple of options and ideas begin to play out in the minds of so many.
Options play out
  1. I’ll like to further my education but I am not sure of whether I should do a masters program or simply pursue a second degree abroad.
  2. I’m tired of being lonely, I just want to get married to the love of my life and live ever happily after.
  3. I’ll like to start my own business and be my own boss.
  4. I just want to live abroad.
  5. I’ll like to get a Job but I am not sure what kind of a Job I should get.
  6. I am so confused and scared as I don’t know anybody who can help me and it’s been said that without connection I can’t get anywhere.
If your option is to start your own business and be your own boss; that’s brilliant idea. Most of the successful people who have accomplished their dreams they own business.
I own my business and am looking for business partners. You can call 0717081717 or email me  we can meet for a business talk.

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