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Some call it the business of the 21st Century, some call it the recession proof business and the millionaire Warren Buffet call it the best investment I ever made. Its an industry that’s growing steadily for the past 20 years, an Industry that makes annual sales of over 100 Billion dollar worldwide.
An industry called Direct selling/Network marketing. For over 55 million people who are part of it today, the business is BOOMING.
Why is the business BOOMING? 4 reasons:
ü  Word of mouth advertising
ü  Home based business boom
ü  Low risk-high return
ü  No experience required
As it is in our information age we are constantly bombarded  by messages(email,sms), TV, billboards, better-ads, and the reality is we don’t trust the media overload anymore, but we do still trust the personal recommendation of our friends and family.
It's simple fact of human nature that every producer knows well – “nothing sells better than a friend recommendation” You can call it referral marketing, word of mouth advertising, one to one, whatever you can call it, its big business.
Instead of paying millions for traditional advertising, direct selling companies pay people who use, love and enthusiastically talk about their products and services.
And its easy; this person to person recommendation may take place at work, in a coffee shop, on a phone, on internet or anywhere. And the minute you decide to go full time with enough skills you can work from home that’s why some call it a home based business.
Working from home means –no more commute and no more boss. You have got to choose when to work, how and with whom to work with.
And since everyone wants better lifestyle from doing business it happens to be a challenge to start a business from scratch because it can be expensive and risk but not with Network Marketing. Because the typical network marketing company provides you with the tools, systems and trainings to be up profitable and almost immediately and with low startup cost.
Perhaps the strongest reason of all for the greater success and extraordinary popularity of network marketing is simply this. “Anyone can do it”

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