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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


To lift a heavy object, you have a choice: use leverage or not. 
You can try to lift the object directly – risking injury – or you can use a lever, such as a jack or a long plank of wood, to transfer some of the weight, and then lift the object that way.

Which approach is wiser? Will you succeed without using leverage? Maybe. But you can lift so much more with leverage, and do it so much more easily!
So what has this got to do with your life ?
The answer is "a lot". By applying the concept of leverage to business success, you can, with a little thought, accomplish very much more than you can without it. Without leverage, you may work very hard, but your rewards are limited by the hours you put in. 
With the concept of leverage in network marketing business, you can break this connection and, in time, achieve very much more. 
If the question is how can you apply the concept of leverage? for a great understanding of network marketing as a business concept that in training and empowering others through team building you leverage and archieve very much more.


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